With 7 accessible hides, all aspects of the reserve can be enjoyed by visitors. Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will be able to look out for a wide variety of species as the seasons change including Wading Birds, River Flies, Beavers, Otters and birds of prey (including Hawks and Owls!).

Wildflower surveys at the reserve have noted remarkable species over recent years such as Bog Pimpernel, Early Marsh Orchid and Marsh Lousewort. Throughout the year a number of events are held including guided walks and educational talks. An example of topics covered includes wildflowers, butterflies and moths, dragonflies, fungi, wildlife photography and family events like pond dipping in our wildlife pond.

The Hawk and Owl Trust's Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve opened in 2003. What started as a 12ha site grew into what is now 81ha acres with woodland, waterways, fenland, moorland, wetlands and is still growing! The majority of the reserve is open and accessible to the public, behind the scenes grazing livestock are reared and kept, the reserves staff volunteers work tirelessly on-reserve projects and on producing Adopt a Box boxes, and the Hawk and Owl Trusts headquarters operate at Sculthorpe Moor.

Ongoing projects at the reserve have created an abundance of accessible boardwalks and spaces meaning everyone can come and enjoy Sculthorpe Moor. Buggies, wheelchair and mobility scooter users can enjoy the wide pathways and ramps into our hides. The Dragonfly and wetland hide grant lower level windows that people with wheelchairs can comfortably seat themselves at. (We're listed on Ewan's Guide!)

Continued thanks go to our members, benefactors, supporters, and to the generosity of awards received from the Heritage Fund, Sheringham Shoal and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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